Valley View is a self-governed evangelical Christian church and is in voluntary association with Great Commission Churches (GCC) and its mission organization, Great Commission Ministries (GCM).

Great Commission Churches ( GCC was formed in 1970 and has grown into an international affiliation of churches. Currently, there are over 100 churches or church-based ministries throughout the world reaching out to communities and college campuses and affecting the lives of thousands of people.

Great Commission Ministries (gcmweb.orgGCM is a world-wide evangelistic group that focuses on church planting and growth and leadership development ministry. Both offer many resources to member churches and church ministries.

Why is VVCC affiliated with GCC and GCM?
The leadership of VVCC benefits from our association with GCC/GCM through personal, doctrinal and ministry accountability. GCC also provides conflict mediation and Biblical reconciliation services.  VVCC provides financial support to GCC that in turn supports the national, international and campus ministries of GCM.