VVCC 2015 Men’s Retreat Registration

Registration Instructions

Please be aware that this is a two-step process. Both steps must be completed in order to register successfully.

Step 1
Complete and send the registration form at the right.

Step 2
Use the PayPal menu below these instructions to choose whether or not you need both room and meals or just meals, and then use the Pay Now button to complete the transaction on the PayPal website.

Important Notice The conference center only has space to sleep 60 people and rooms are available on a first-come-first-served basis. We will try to keep a tally here and on Facebook of how many room registrations are still available.

Available as of Sept 14: 41 (of 60)
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Additional Notes

* Please note that we may not have the ability to accommodate special food needs, but we will do our best. One room does have handicap accommodations. Please let us know your needs.