Presentation Team

Presentation Team members assist the Worship Team and the pastors by displaying song lyrics and sermon notes on the overhead projection screen for those in the congregation. This is a very important ministry position and working with the Worship & Sound Teams to augment Sunday’s worship service can be a lot of fun.

Basic commitments for members of the Presentation Team:

  1. Access to a current version of Microsoft PowerPoint (2007 or newer).
  2. Be able to dedicate about 4 hours per week for each Sunday they serve
    • 1½ hrs – Thursday Eve (not mandatory, but highly encouraged)
    • 2 hrs – Creating the PowerPoint presentation for Sunday’s service.
    • 1½ hrs – Sunday morning before service to fine tune the sermon PowerPoint presentation and to do a final practice with the worship team.
  3. Be able to commit to at least one Sunday per month.